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The Code Book

When this company was first established, all we knew about the business was how to code. We had no idea how to run a web design and developmenet company.

How do we price things?
How should we find clients?
What will they expect from us?

So we started asking other agencies how they run their businesses.

The result is an interview based e-book called How To Serve: Code that we expect to distribute within the year.

This book has given us a unique, investigative, increasingly informed view into the web services industry as a whole.

What this means:

  1. Our founder now advises other web services companies on best practices, industry trends, and how to grow a sustainable company.
  2. Having seen many business strategies play out, we make informed choices about how to best serve you.
  3. We have a ton of allies who can do pretty much anything that we cannot directly do ourselves.

So...how can the industry help you?

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Supporting Women in Tech

As a Millennial & woman-owned tech comany based in the United States, we are aware of our unique opportunity to make a difference in the discussion of gender quality in the in tech industry.

As of 2018, Responsive Redesign is developing a Give Back Policy that will use proceeds from each completed project to help women and girls gain access to educational resources that help them learn how to code.

We believe that equality starts with being invited to the table, and that education is the best invitation.

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Quality of Work

We have high standards for ourselves individually and professionally, and we maintain high standards for those that we collaborate with.

If a potential partner doesn't speak English well, if they don't write up to date code, if their previous work is just ugly, we quickly say no to the collaboration.

In addition to passing our preliminary tests, every designer or developer we work with receives our custom made Quality Checklist, and we hold them to this standard during every project.

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Unlike other agencies, we post pricing for our basic services on this website,
for you to look at now!

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Our Mission

Help build a more beautiful and usable internet,
and have fun while doing it!